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Column protectors

Column protectors are colorful, impact-resistant guards that can protect columns, posts, beams, piles and any other vertical surface in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. They serve as a buffer between the surface and forklifts, power jacks, and other vehicles.

Column protectors are designed to prevent damage to the racking or column that it protects. If a collision occurs, the column protector will significantly reduce the chance of damage, reducing repair costs and protecting the structural integrity of your facility.


Your rack system’s safety is critical to its success in your business operations. Our cutting- edge rack protectors are designed to attach to your rack uprights and protect them from damage caused by forklift collisions and other sources. These guards are installed at the end of a single or double row of racks.

In a rack aisle, they are mounted on the floor in front of each upright. These rack protectors are extremely common and effective in situations such as a forklift backing into an upright or striking it with a lowered load while loading or unloading.


G.I. Decking Panels have a leveled surface and can be built to custom dimensions. Because it is galvanized, it is rust- free and has a longer lifespan
You can quickly and easily add solid decking to your pallet rack systems! Adding this solid decking to your pallet rack will allow storage for items not loading directly with a pallet.

The solid surface is also ideal for keeping smaller items from

falling through the rack.

  • Supporting boxed goods

  • prevent goods from falling onto operators and handling equipment

  • Steel decking is suitable for both loading by hand or by warehouse handling

    equipment such as forklift trucksMost popular types

  • Easy to install, remove or reuse


Pallet support bars are essential to keep inventory secure and increase the structural integrity of pallet rack storage systems while supporting the bottom of the pallet.
In addition, support bars provide greater strength than plywood and promote airflow and sprinkler access throughout the warehouse.

Support bars also help to hold the weight of the pallet, mainly when a forklift driver does not rest the pallet on both the front and rear beams. The more pallet supports you have, the safer your inventory will be.

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